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Slip and Fall Accidents

Slip and Fall FAQ:

Business owners, landlords, and homeowners all have a responsibility to maintain safe property conditions. This is called Premises Liability.

Common unsafe conditions that can lead to slip and fall accidents are:

  • Defects in ground material

  • Broken safety rails

  • Insufficient lighting

  • Potholes or depressions

  • Spilled food or drinks

  • Freshly wet floors

What steps should I take after I've been in a slip and fall accident?

  1. Seek medical treatment immediately

  2. Report the accident to the owner/manager of the property

  3. Document everything, especially contact information of potential witnesses

  4. Decline to give statements

  5. Call an attorney


As is the case for any personal-injury type situation, there is no financial downside to hiring an attorney. You pay no up-front fees, and pay nothing if your attorney does not win your case. 

What if I know the owner and don't want to sue them?

  It's important to remember that in a case of most accidents, you aren't suing your friend, you're suing their insurance company. Medical bills can be costly and overwhelming, and properties are required by law to have insurance partially for this very reason. Insurance protects the land-owner from financial encumbrance as the result of an accident, and provides you with the compensation you deserve. 

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