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Thomas Kensok


Thomas Kensok      |      Attorney


Former Prosecutor (Contra Costa County) Tom Kensok is a true trial veteran, with more than 100 jury trials under his belt. Not only did he do trials, he trained dozens of other attorneys as trial lawyers. He was a top administrator in an office of more than one hundred trial attorneys and active in the California District Attorneys' Association and the United States Justice Department Violence Reduction Network. He has volunteered as a high school mock trial coach for the last 12 years. He is an instructor for Pincus continuing education courses and a staunch defender of the rights of medical professionals. 

Why Choose a Trial Lawyer?

Insurance companies and their adjusters don't respect attorneys who lack significant jury trial experience. As a Veteran Trial Lawyer and former Top Prosecutor, Tom is at home in front of a jury. Few personal injury attorneys can match this experience.


He negotiates aggressively and has the trial experience to bring tremendous credibility to his settlement demands. This makes a difference when dealing with insurance companies and their lawyers. In fact, insurance companies will typically make lowball offers to attorneys whom they believe will not go to trial.

It's usually in the best interest of both parties to negotiate a fair and appropriate settlement.  Truthfully, Kensok has found that a well prepared and well presented case typically settles for what it is worth. When the insurance company knows you “mean business”, they are a lot less likely to try to get away with less than full compensation. If the case must go to trial, Tom Kensok is more prepared and able than most.

Personal injury clients give highly positive feedback to Tom. He works closely with medical professionals to see that you get the care you need. In fact, a chiropractor and registered nurse are associated with his office to give input on cases and treatment. See reviews of Thomas Kensok here. 


Thomas Kensok operates in Napa Valley and the greater Bay Area. 

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